Subaru EyeSight May Just Save Your Life

September 1, 2019

Subaru EyeSight Safety System

Picture this – you’re driving on the highway after a long day at work, thinking about the moment your kids will greet you when you enter the door. It’s not immediately apparent you’re fighting fatigue. But the Subaru you purchased from Eblen Subaru knows what you don’t know. Using state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, an infrared LED and camera, Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Monitoring System features can detect if you’re getting tired or not paying attention and will immediately alert you to refocus your attention.

Talk about a sight for sore eyes.

Subaru’s EyeSight safety system is now in its third generation, making it one of the most advanced and forward-thinking driver-assist systems available on the market. The system has a five-star rating from the Australian New Car Assessment Program and comes standard across Subaru’s SUV range, excluding the XV 2.0i entry-level variant. It’s also featured in the 2019 Impreza, Liberty and WRX/WRX STI, but is not offered in the Subaru BRZ.

Pre-collision braking system

One of Subaru’s EyeSight features that has received accolades from across the globe is its Pre-Collision Braking system, also known as automatic emergency braking. It uses two cameras to detect dangerous situations ahead of you and gradually slows or stops the car to avoid a collision when needed. It uses advanced motion detection technology to monitor the speed of the vehicle in front of you to adjust the speed of your vehicle to prevent a dangerous situation. If the vehicle in front of you is travelling at less than 50 km/h, the brakes will automatically kick into action, which is useful in bumper to bumper traffic. Pre-Collision Brake Assist will even increase braking pressure if the driver recognizes they need to slam their brakes but doesn’t provide enough pressure. EyeSight has you covered from multiple avenues.

Keeping your eyes on the road

Other preventative features are Adaptive Cruise Control, which maintains a designated speed and automatically conforms to keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead, particularly useful for those long family trips where fatigue tends to creep up on you. It also has the capability of stopping the vehicle completely, to be resumed as traffic begins to flow at the usual volume. Lane departure and sway warning are particularly useful when fighting fatigue.  If your vehicle is swaying or edging to close to another lane, a chime sound will alert you to the potential danger. Select models also include Lane Keep Assist, which reduces lane deviations when driving at over 65 km/hr.

The features that compose the core of EyeSight’s DNA are celebrated in the industry. But what is less known are the technological advancements that set EyeSight apart from its competition. For example, the forward-facing cameras is powered by an advanced CMOS sensor that delivers much higher-resolution images when compared to a traditional digital camera. It can even recognize low-contrast objects and provides photos in colour  via a 3D processing engine that quickly allows viewers to get a full picture of all objects that could pose an obstacle. Subsequently, this results in EyeSight providing more detailed, expansive and wider imagery, which is particularly valuable when driving in wide lanes and multi-lane roads.

Subaru Driver Monitoring System

But by far the most cutting-edge and ground-breaking feature of Subaru’s EyeSight safety suite is the Driver Monitoring System. No one wants to be monitored. It’s bad enough we’ve got Facebook reading our messages and our government’s national security agencies reading our emails. But when you’re on the road, you’ll be happy when Subaru recognizes signs of fatigue or distraction. It’s literally a matter of life or death. With its dedicated LED camera located above the multi-function display, the Driver Monitoring System will memorize your face and immediately alert you if your eyes aren’t on the road or if your eyes are blinking a little bit longer than they should be. But that’s not all – it’s also a matter of convenience. The Driver Monitoring System will remember the preferences of up to five drivers, recognizing individual preferences such as climate control, side mirror adjustment, driver’s seat positioning and more. If will even deliver a personal greeting for each driver – something even Siri is lagging on.

We can assure you when it comes to the award-winning combination of attention to detail, innovative technology and a deep understanding of what drivers are looking for, Subaru’s EyeSight technology  is a gamechanger. Once you lay your eyes on Subaru’s EyeSight safety sight, it won’t be out of sight or out of mind for very long.