The Subaru Global Platform is a Game Changer

January 1, 2019

Subaru has shown that it does things its own way, with impressive results that are sure to inspire copycats in the industry.

Subaru Global Platform 1Subaru Global Platform 2Subaru Global Platform 3
The Subaru Global Platform is the pinnacle of engineering and innovation. It’s the culmination of Subaru’s brightest minds and most tried and tested concepts to develop a next-generation platform to serve as the foundation of the Subaru Impreza, WRX, STi, Levorg, Liberty, Outback as well as all future hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. This sophisticated infrastructure underpinning all current and future models except for the Subaru BRZ makes for high chassis strength, lighter weight, better rolling resistance and even more responsive steering.


Subaru’s brand statement is Confidence in Motion, and there’s nothing that makes a driver more confident than the unmatched responsiveness and world-renowned steering that Subaru vehicles are known for. The new Subaru Global Platform improves where you thought it couldn’t get any better, with an even more rigid chassiscutting-edge suspension and stabilizers designed to absorb the most abrasive shocks from the road for a maximum comfort and cohesion. This also makes for a quieter cabin exceeding current best-in-class standards, shutting out disruptive vibrations and noise to deliver enjoyment and peace of mind even when testing the vehicle to its limits.


The Subaru Global Platform was specifically engineered to deliver better with straight-line stability, even further boosting the racing credentials for a company that has won 3 World Rally Championships and 9 Australian Rally Championships. The new platform delivers an impressive 70-100% increase in structural rigidity and also integrates massive improvements to steering and suspension, for a lower centre of gravity, sportier handling and extreme responsiveness. Even when traveling at high speeds, the new platform results in reduced vibration through the steering wheel, floor and seats, while body roll is reduced by 50% when compared to current and older models.


But make no mistake – the Subaru Global Platform isn’t just engineered to deliver outstanding performance and comfort. It’s also explicitly designed to provide unparalleled safety and protection, an area Subaru takes seriously as showcased by the award-winning EyeSight suite of safety technology. The Subaru Global Platform makes you and your family safer with a stronger body with significantly enhanced structural rigidity thanks to high-tensile steel plates, faster and more responsive steering and responsiveness for better chance of avoiding accidents, and a lower centre of gravity for increased stability. The new body brings 40% better crash energy absorption compared to the previous frame’s architecture, while a ring-shaped passenger safety cell is designed to absorb and direct the impact of the force around the cabin instead d of through it. All of these technological advancements combine for an incredible level of protection when driving Subaru models.

What’s most important about the Subaru Global Platform is that it is designed to be adaptable for all of Subaru’s next generation models, whether it’s a wagon, performance sedan or SUV, powered by a current gasoline Subaru Boxer engine or future alternate hybrid drive trains the company is working on. Once again, much like with its highly-acclaimed symmetrical all-wheel drive and unique horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, Subaru has shown that it does things its own way, with impressive results that are sure to inspire copycats in the industry.