2020 Subaru Outback Unveiled

June 11, 2019

2020 Subaru Outback Unveiled

The Subaru Outback is something of a pioneer in the “soft-roader” segment of the automotive market. Now, for the first time in five years its getting a major overhaul which includes a new turbocharged engine, and even more safety and technology inclusions. One thing is for certain, the all-new Outback promises to go more places and will inspire confidence in motion.

Redesigned Chassis

Subaru recently unveiled the newly redesigned 2020 Subaru Outback at the New York Autoshow. The big new is that for the first time, the Subaru Outback will be offered with a 2.4 Litre turbocharged engine. It will include enhanced suspension, handling and rigidity thanks to the New Subaru Global Platform. The new chassis stiffens the vehicle frame by 70%, and has 40% greater energy absorption. All of this means that the new Subaru Outback is safer, and more fun to drive than ever. The brand new Outback also has a whopping 220mm of ground clearance, up 7mm from the previous 2019 model, more than 1,500kg of towing capacity and over 2,100 litres of carrying capacity.

Enhanced Suspension & Infotainment

In the new Outback, suspension has seen substantial improvements because of the addition of a new 19mm hollow stabilizer bar, which make suspension more responsive, and lighter. In addition, the Subaru Outback includes the latest in driver distraction and crash avoidance technology. Even more, it includes a 11.3 inch vertical tablet infotainment touchscreen system that will put your Ipad to shame. The infotainment system is situated in the centre of the dashboard and includes Android and Apple connectivity, climate control, and direct touch controls. Additional creature comforts include standard rear air vents, 10-way power adjustable driver seats, and USB charge ports for front and rear passengers making long road trips a breeze.

A New Makeover

Another addition to look forward to is new sound-insulated glass that significantly reduces noise and vibration, a new aggressive visual makeover. The new 2020 Subaru features aggressive wheel-arch protectors, modified headlights, higher tyres, sleek black wing mirrors, upscale roof tails and a new front fascia design revealing a more aerodynamic design than its predecessor. We expect the 2020 Subaru Outback to hit Australian showrooms in late 2019 or early 2020.

New Turbocharged Engine

The 2020 Subaru Outback will retain Subaru’s award winning 2.5L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder Boxer engine which produces as respectable 135kW of power and 238nM of torque. Replacing Subaru’s 3.6L 6-cylinder is a brand new 2.4L turbo charged engine, which boasts 194kW of power and 375nM of torque. This translates to approximate 0-60 times for the New Subaru Outback at just under 6.1 seconds! Both models (2.5L naturally aspirated and 2.4L turbo charged) will naturally feature Subaru’s enviable symmetrical all-wheel drive system, silky smooth continuously variable transmission (CVT), as well as X-Mode which lets you go anywhere.

Subaru X-Mode Drives the Outback to New Heights

X-Mode is activated by pushing the X-Mode switch in your center console. Once pressed, the indicator light will illuminate to signal X-Mode activation and, your multi-function display will display a plethora of information including driving wheel status, activation of the ABS system (if required), steering angle and more. Activating X-Mode has a number of benefits when driving in deep mud, snow, gravel, or slipper country roads. Importantly, it reduces wheel-spin, enhances grip by controlling engine transmission, and optimizes the all-wheel drive system. The added protection of X-Mode ensures Subaru drivers will always experience confidence in motion, no matter the road surface conditions.